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Lead and RoHS (Lead-Free) operations


CAMtek specializes in electronics assembly of high-mix, low to medium volume builds of circuit cards and electro-mechanical assemblies. With 92,000 sq ft CAMtek’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility offers a variety of automated, semi-automated, and manual manufacturing services. From populating printed circuit cards to complete box builds, our customers can take advantage of our diverse capabilities as we bring their designs to life.


Product Builds: Processes:

    • Printed circuit board assembly

    • Electro-mechanical assembly

    • Mechanical assembly

    • Cable assembly

    • Sub-level & multi-level assembly

    • RF Applications

    • Back planes

    • Box Builds

    • Switch Gear

    • Surface Mount Technology

    • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

    • X-Ray

    • Through-Hole Technology

    • Selective Solder & Wave

    • Conformal Coatings & Potting

    • Aqueous Wash

    • Test

    • Final Assembly

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Quality Systems: ISO 9000 certified; 5S Focus with Virtual Production Floor; Serial number tracking; Bar Codes; color coded visuals; digital work instructions; certified technicians; ESD controlled & monitored environment.


LEAD & LEAD FREE Multi-Layer PCBs Aqueous Wash
In-Line and Batch
Surface Mount Technology Through-Hole Technology Soldering Technology

Fine Pitch



Axial, Radial, DIP

Auto-Cut & Clinch

Wave-Lead and Lead Free

Selective Solder - Lead and Lead Free

Hand Solder - Certified to Class III

Inspection Test Conformal Coatings

Automated Optical Inspection

Mantis, Microscopes


Pull, Go-no-Go

Flying Probe Point to Point

Functional & Full Systems Test

Silicone, Acrylic, Urethane, Epoxy

Brush On, Dip, Hand Spray

In-Line Robotics Spray


mfg_flying probe