Storage, Warehousing & Distribution


CAMtek offers 126,000 sq ft of warehouse for storage, kitting, large project retrofits, and distribution.


Electronics Store Room & Receiving/Shipping


An additional 17,000 sq ft is dedicated solely to electronics with a fully secured ESD controlled store room to house inventory for production, we also offer stocking programs (safety stock, consignment, Kanban etc) based on our customer’s needs.

   • Fully secured and ESD Controlled storage

   • Receiving Inspection

   • Moisture Sensitivity Tracking

Visual PbFree vs Leaded labeling

Consigned Material

Bar Coded

     bar code green                      bar code pink 


Inventory on Demand


Through partnering with our customers and utilizing customer supplied forecasts, CAMtek can fully support your inventory on demand needs via scheduled releases, safety stock and kanban stocking systems.