Quality Management

CAMtek, Inc. is committed to a quality system that meets or exceeds customer expectations.  To achieve this, we invest in our most valuable asset, our workforce.  Educating and training our employees is paramount to realizing a solid quality system.  At CAMtek, everyone is committed to doing our job right ensuring customer requirements are met while striving to improve our performance.

        ISO 9001:2015 Certified by TUV

        Inspection Services:  UL, CSA, TUV

        J-Standards & IPC-A-610 Workmanship Standards Certified

Continuous Improvement:3 - b2 - red microscope

Through continuous improvement, CAMtek is able to realize cost saving efficiencies throughout our processes, minimizing cost up charges and maintaining cost models over multiple years. 

Receiving Inspection:

CAMtek maintains a comprehensive incoming inspection program for the acceptance of all purchased material.   Our program, which utilizes our MRP/ERP software, is fully integrated throughout all departments allowing for source traceability.  With the help of visual aids customer’s specifications can be verified upon receipt. 


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Company Metrics Include:

    Departmental PPMs trends

    Root Cause Analysis

    Pareto defect analysis

    Continuous Improvement Projects

Vendor Score Cards

Departmental Score Cards

Company Score Cards

Overall Company Trends





Automated Optical Inspection (AOI):

Utilizing automated optical inspection assures that every printed circuit card meets both customer requirements and Industry Standards.   With multiple AOIs, CAMtek’s facility is setup to validate boards at every critical process, thus catching any adjustments at the earliest possible point. 


Visual Inspection:

Each product built is inspected numerous times throughout the manufacturing process.  Utilizing digital work instructions unique to each part number, our inspectors inspect to the IPC J-Standards as well as customer requirements. 



At CAMtek accountability is vital.  Our Quality Management System policies and procedures are the mainstay of our ability to produce world class quality electronics – being accountable assures consistency in every process.  Utilizing our integrated MRP/ERP system, accountability is readily visible from material purchasing to shop floor control to outgoing product.